Financial Cycles Summit July 2022 Recap

August 17, 2022News

FSC hosted another successful Financial Cycles Summit, featuring key insights from six leading market experts across an extended three days. Once again, it marked a record attendance and new members, as part of the growing interest in the world of cycles.

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JPY: Catching the Falling Knife?

August 8, 2022News

JPY has been in free-fall liquidation, down nearly 20% YTD, becoming the worst performing currency among its developed G10 peers. How do investors avoid “catching the falling knife?”

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3.029- and 3.606-Minute Cycles in Solar Wind Speed

August 2, 2022News

Calculations show how the change in solar wind speed compares to the corresponding change at lags of up to 200 minutes and it can be clearly seen that there is a cycle of 3 minutes or so, as well as a modulation of 19 minutes in the autocorrelation.

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Seasonality Patterns Realign

July 5, 2022News

Global markets clearly decided to sell in May (SIM) this year, but rather than go away, opportunistic speculators returned straight away, with S&P500 bouncing twice by almost 10% from oversold extremes during late May and mid-June. Market professionals are now debating if they should buy the dip, or sell the rally.

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Minsky Crash Ahead

May 25, 2022News

The Minsky risk call is now heightened as the S&P500 reactivates its crash pattern after finally breaking under key support at 4100

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Lars von Thienen on Markus Koch Wall Street

May 18, 2022News

Board Member, Lars von Thienen was interviewed recently by Markus Koch on Markus Koch Wall Street.

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Science Cycles Summit: May 17 & 19

April 28, 2022News

Registration is now open for the Science Cycles Summit. The summit takes place on May 17 and May 19 at 4 PM EDT/9 PM BST. Don't miss this incredible lineup of speakers!

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FSC Cycles App Finalist for Technical Analyst Awards

March 31, 2022News

The Foundation for the Study of Cycles' cycles-detection technology has been selected as a finalist in The Technical Analyst Awards 2022 in the categories of Best Special Product/Research and Most Innovative New Product.

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Is the Big Cycle Turning?

March 17, 2022News

The approach featured in T3 is global, multi-asset, top-down; grounded in behavioral technical analysis, driven by cycles, based on the Roadmap signature model of Robin Griffiths, published in Mapping the Markets.

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Theodore Modis on the Primordial S-Curve

March 5, 2022Cycles TV

On a very special episode of Cycles TV, Theodore Modis shares his work on the Primordial S-Curve and the relationship between complexity and entropy.

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FSC Market Forecast 2022 Recap

January 28, 2022News

FSC’s Annual Market Forecast 2022 proved a great success and marked the largest influx of new members in years! Our leadership team of market experts shared key insights collectively.

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Market Cycles Report Predicts Baltic Dry Index Crash

January 24, 2022Cycles TV

In September 2021, FSC Board Member Lars von Thienen analyzed the Baltic Dry Index in a live episode of Market Cycles Report, noting that the dominant cycle was peaking. It peaked one week after the live broadcast.

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The FSC Welcomes New Development Director

November 22, 2021News

Ron William has more than 20 years of experience working for leading economic research and institutional firms and producing tactical research and trading strategies.

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The FSC Mourns the Loss of Richard Mogey

September 20, 2021News

It is with a deep appreciation for the contributions of Richard Mogey to the Foundation for the Study of Cycles that we share with you the sad news of his recent passing.

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The FSC mourns the loss Mark McVey

August 12, 2021News

We are very saddened to report that Mark McVey, our Chief Operating Officer, has passed away. He has been an invaluable part of managing the daily operations of the FSC since early 2020.

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S&P Short-Term Cycles Outlook

May 28, 2021News

According to Board Member Bill Sarubbi's short-term cycles outlook for the S&P, the period of May-June, EOM strength will begin on May 31 and run to June 12.

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New Upgraded Cycles Scanner Now Available

May 26, 2021News

We are thrilled to announce the release of a new upgraded version of the Cycles Scanner, Cycles Scanner: Analyst. Available to Members only, this powerful cycles analysis tool is unrivaled!

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NEW Cycles TV: Saturday Science Summary

May 5, 2021Cycles TV

Ray Tomes, FSC Board Member and Science Director, will host the new Saturday Science Summary on Cycles TV. The recorded broadcast will explore recent science news through the lens of cycles analysis.

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Cycles Magazine Live

April 27, 2021Cycles TV

Join us on Saturday, May 1 at noon ET, for Cycles Magazine Live. Board Chair and Executive Director, Dr. Richard Smith hosts and will be joined by special guest John Goldstone, coauthor of Welcome to the Turbulent Twenties.

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Cycles Magazine: Special Earth Day Issue

April 22, 2021News

Another exceptional issue of Cycles Magazine is out! This special Earth Day issue features a reprint of one of the most important papers in the history of the Foundation, The Case for Cycles by our Founder, Edward R. Dewey.

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Member Forum Is Live

April 14, 2021News

The Member Forum is collaborative space for Members to share their work, ask questions and respond to questions asked by other Members. Working together we can encourage and advance the science of cycles.

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What do Harry and Megan have to do with cycles?

March 25, 2021News

Take a look at an 82- to 84-year cycle of disruption, revolution and great change, from the history of world events to Harry and Megan and turmoil in the British Royal Family.

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Cycles TV Live with Jay Kaeppel

March 19, 2021Cycles TV

SAVE THE DATE: On Saturday, March 27 at noon EDT, join us live for a very special episode of Cycles TV. Dr. Richard Smith will interview Jay Kaeppel, Senior Research Analyst at Sentiment Trader.

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New Ideas Page in Cycles Scanner App

March 18, 2021News

In our ongoing commitment to encourage and support the study of cycles we have created a new Ideas page in the Cycles Scanner that allows Members to share and comment on published workbooks.

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Dominant Cycles in Investment Managers’ Exposure To U.S. Equity Markets Indicate Impending Turnaround

February 5, 2021News

The importance of analyzing sentiment cycles of active money managers plays a critical role in assessing financial risk. Dominant cycles in the National Association of Active Investment Managers Exposure Index have been identified with high correlation over the past 15 years. The current state of the dominant cycles indicates a possible reversal for U.S. equity markets.

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Cycles Magazine 80th Anniversary Issue

January 28, 2021News

We are thrilled to announce the release of the second issue of the revived Cycles Magazine, a special 80th Anniversary edition. Cycles Magazine is a quarterly publication that showcases the work of Members and cycles researchers from all over the world.

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Market Forecast 2021

January 6, 2021News

Join us live for Market Forecast 2021, a week-long speaker series featuring renowned experts in the world of finance and trading.

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Registration Is Open for the Science Cycles Summit

January 4, 2021News

As part of our celebration of the FSC's 80th Anniversary, FSC Board Member and Science Director, Ray Tomes is hosting the Science Cycles Summit live on Saturday, January 16, 2021. This all day event will feature presentations from luminaries in the field of cycles science. Register today!

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A Holiday Message from the FSC

December 21, 2020News

Today, on the darkest day of the year, Jupiter and Saturn will align in the night sky, creating what will look like a double planet. It was March 4, 1226, the last time these planets were so close.

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FSC TV Live: Current Outlooks for the S&P and Gold

December 9, 2020Cycles TV

Join us for FSC TV Live this Saturday, December 12, at 11 am EST. Dr. Richard Smith, Chairman of the Board and Executive Director, talks to Board Member Bill Sarubbi about current outlooks for the S&P and gold.

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Top 3 BTC Cycles Topping

November 25, 2020News

Dr. Richard Smith sees the top 3 BTC cycles topping.

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Science Cycles Summit

November 19, 2020News

On Saturday, January 16, 2021, FSC Board Member and Science Director, Ray Tomes is hosting the Science Cycles Summit . This all day event will feature seven presentations from luminaries in the science of cycles.

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Cycles TV: Financial Cycles Summit Three Month Review

November 11, 2020Cycles TV

On Saturday, November 4, Dr. Richard Smith takes a look back at the Financial Cycles Summit to see what we got right, what we got wrong, and where we go from here.

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Cycles TV: Weekly Cycles Market Report

November 6, 2020Cycles TVNews

Join us live every Monday at Noon EST for Cycles Market Report, a weekly discussion on Cycles TV of cycles analysis using current market data.

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Cycles Magazine Returns After 25 Years

November 5, 2020News

We are thrilled to announce the relaunch of Cycles Magazine: The Official Journal of the Foundation for the Study of Cycles, a quarterly publication that will showcase the work of Members and cycles researchers from all over the world.

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Cycles Magazine: Call for Articles

November 4, 2020News

The FSC  invites Members and cycles researchers worldwide to submit papers and articles for consideration for inclusion in Cycles Magazine on topics related to cycles.

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Edward R. Dewey Cycles Award: Call for Papers

October 28, 2020News

We are thrilled to announced the creation of the Edward R. Dewey Cycles Award in honor of Founder, Edward R. Dewey. Dewey devoted his life to the study of cycles and the Award aims to build on that work by supporting and encouraging cycles research.

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FSC and Cycles Research Institute Unite to Further the Advancement of Cycles Science

October 22, 2020News

We are pleased to announced that Cycles Research Institute (CRI) will be merging with the FSC to create a united, not-for-profit educational institution dedicated to the study of cycles. CRI’s Director, Ray Tomes, will join the FSC Board of Directors to galvanize cycles research in the sciences.

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Update on FSC Archives

October 14, 2020News

We are all resting much easier knowing the archive of irreplaceable materials that trace the history and work of FSC are in a safe place.

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Cycles TV: Synchrony of Cycles and the Current Market

October 7, 2020Cycles TVNews

Cycles TV is airing a new live episode on Saturday, October 10. Board Member, Lars von Thienen presents Edward Dewey's key findings on cycle synchronicity and uses them to explore the current market.

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Mark McVey Joins Foundation as Communications Director

September 24, 2020News

Foundation for the Study of Cycles (FSC) is pleased to announced that Mark McVey has joined the FSC team as the new Executive Director, effective immediately.

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Bradley Rotter Joins Foundation Board of Directors

September 15, 2020News

Foundation for the Study of Cycles (FSC) is excited to announced that Bradley Rotter, cryptocurrency thought leader and pioneer in alternative investment classes, recently joined the Board of Directors.

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June 1, 2020News

Blog post author Lars von Thienen is on the FSC Board and Founder and CEO of Noggle. He develops algorithms and software for cycle recognition and has published two books on cycles

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April 1, 2020News

Blog post author Dr. Richard Smith has been the Chairman of the Board and CEO of the Foundation for the Study of Cycles since 2018. In his April 2020 letter, Smith updates members on the progress made in 2019.

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December 26, 2018Letters

Blog post author Dr. Richard Smith has been the Chairman of the Board and CEO of the Foundation for the Study of Cycles since 2018. In his April 2020 letter, Smith updates members on the progress made in 2019.

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