Market cycles are not just about trading and the stock market.

In September 2021, the Foundation for the Study of Cycles (FSC) Board Member Lars von Thienen analyzed the Baltic Dry Index (BDI) in a live episode of Market Cycles Report on YouTube (starts at 17:30), noting that the dominant cycle was peaking.

The BDI peaked one week after the live broadcast and then crashed into the end of the year. The Index came down to 2000 from 5600, losing more than 50%! Using cycles analysis, von Thienen was able to predict this before it happened. The BDI is a leading indicator for global economic activity and von Thienen’s forecast was spot on.

This prediction wouldn’t be of use to traders as this market can’t be traded. However, cycles analysis could be used to predict global economic behavior using an index like the Baltic Dry Index, which would be extremely helpful to businesses. For example, in logistics a company could predict when the shipping and freight rates were going to drop and hedge against it.

This is cycles analysis that von Thienen offers for free. It is available to the public on the FSC’s YouTube channel, Cycles TV. Analysts get paid thousands for this kind of information.

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