Edward R. Dewey

Cycles Award


Award $5,000

Due February 28, 2022

Submission Guidelines

Edward R. Dewey

Cycles Award


Award $5000

Due February 28, 2021

Submission Guidelines

Edward R. Dewey Cycles Award 2022

Call for papers

Edward R. Dewey, founder of the Foundation for the Study of Cycles (FSC), devoted his life to the study of cycles. In his honor, the Foundation has created the Edward R. Dewey Cycles Award to support and encourage the study of cycles.

The Award:

  • Cash prize of USD $5,000
  • Invitation to present winning paper at the FSC broadcast event
  • Full text or summary may be published in Cycles Magazine
  • Papers are due February 28, 2022
  • All submission must be emailed with a Word document (.doc) and a PDF (.pdf) to: mark.mcvey@cycles.org

The FSC encourages the study of cycles in all areas, including but not limited to:

  • Natural Phenomena: Animal / plant life, geology, weather, quantum processes, magnetism, astronomy, solar activity, electromagnetic spectrum
  • Mathematics & Computing: Cryptography, data compression, entropy vs. fractal cycles, game theory, computing innovation
  • Business & Economics: Financial markets, GDP, taxation, interest rates, inflation, real estate, poverty, production / manufacturing
  • Human Cycles: Blood pressure, sleep, breathing, emotions, creativity, disease / pandemics, mortality, stress, fatigue, marriage/divorce
  • Social & Political: Political events, social unrest / wars, immigration, inter-generational cycles, music, art, language, sports, crime, traffic

Review a partial list of phenomena in which cycles have been detected.

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