Board Member

Lars von Thienen

Founder and CEO of a German-based knowledge management company, Lars von Thienen invented the standalone, desktop search and knowledge management app. Coding software since childhood, von Thienen has supported leading German DAX companies in developing their digital and business strategies as a large-scale project and IT manager. He develops algorithms and software for cycle recognition at and has published two books on cycles analysis. Appointed by the Minister of Justice, von Thienen has been working as a commercial judge for over a decade. Von Thienen is based in Germany

Lars is the host for the weekly program Market Cycles Report on Cycles TV. He writes and comments regularly about current cycles junctures in the global stock market.

Cycles TV

Market Cycles Report: Weekly live analysis of active cycles in global markets

FSC Board Member Lars von Thienen analyzes current market data using the cycles app to foster a better understanding of how to apply cycles analysis.

Attendees are invited to ask questions and share their work.

Cycles App

Interactive state-of-the-art cycles analysis application.

The cycles app technology is powered by, the digital signal processing company owned and operated by von Thienen. FSC members get free access to the FSC cycles app.

Cycles Blog

A free substack blog: Beyond Market Cycles

Unique analysis on hidden market cycles that may forecast possible future global market trends. In this blog, von Thienen shares interesting cycles analysis charts with comments as an add on to the weekly program Market Cycles Report on Cycles TV.