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The Edward R. Dewey Memorial Library contains over 100,000 original documents connected to the Foundation for the Study of Cycles. The archives include journals, papers, letters, memos, reports, notes, and other documents created or used in the course of research and publication, with some documents dating back to 1884.

FSC maintains the world’s most extensive selection of statistical data. Many series are exclusive to the Foundation, which is continually enlarging its database. FSC members have unlimited access to all content, including:

Classic Cycles Library

Four volume set containing the cornerstone works of the Foundation, including:

  1. A comprehensive volume of founder Edward R. Dewey’s personal cycles discoveries:

    • Cycles: Selected Writings, including:

      • The 11-Year Cycle in the Abundance of Earthquakes, 1305-1898
      • A Cycle Analysis of Common Stock Prices, Parts I-V
      • The Effects of Various Stock Market Trend Calculations
      • The 54-Year Cycle in Copper Prices
    • Cycles: The Science of Prediction, including:

      • Concerning Economic Prediction
      • Why Trends Are Important
      • The Growth Trends in Our Basic Industries
      • Timing a Business
    • Cycles: The Mysterious Forces that Trigger Events, including:

      • Nature’s Mysterious Rhythms
      • Cycles in You
      • The Rhythm of Production
      • The Cycles of Wall Street
    • Catalogue of Cycles: Part I Economics by Louis L. Wilson, including:

      • Commodity Price Charts
      • Agriculture Charts
      • Building Construction and Real Estate Charts
      • Manufacturing Charts
  2. Cycles Magazine: The complete collection from 1950-1997, including:

    • Volume 6 (1955), articles include:

      • Are Cycle Lengths Related
      • The Long Cycle in Stock Prices
      • The 14 2/3-Year Cycle in the Number of Strikes in the United States
      • The 17 3/4-Year Cycle in Cotton Prices 1731-1953
    • Volume 19 (1968), articles include:

      • Population Trends & Forecasts
      • The Shape of the Dominant Cycle in Sunspot Numbers
      • A Possible Effect of Subtle Timing Synchronizers During the Biological Phenomena of Birth
    • Volume 30 (1979), articles include:

      • How It Came Out: The Status of the 40-Month Cycle in Stock Prices
      • Cycles in the Birth of Eminent Humans
      • A Non-Technical Way to Identify Cycles in Stock Prices
    • Volume 41 (1990), articles include:

      • A Biological Stock Market Rhythm Theory
      • Relationship of the El Niño Cycle to Droughts in the U.S. Corn Belt
      • Cycles in War and Peace
    • Volume 41 (1990), articles include:

      • The History of Economic Data
      • Financial Crisis and the Number 56
      • Outer-Solar-System Bodies as a Source of Periodicity in Earthquakes
  3. Dewey Microfilm Library: over 70,000 pages containing written documents, correspondences, magazine and newspaper articles, and source materials, including:

    • Twenty Five Years’ Study of Solar Radiation by founder Charles Greeley Abbot

    • Business Cycles, Residential Construction Cycles, and the Mortgage Market by William W. Alberts

    • Persistence of the 5.3 Year Arms Race Cycle by N.Z. Alcock

    • Cycles in Ordinary Shares by E.H. McDougal

    • Seasonal Prevalence of Disease by Dr. M.J. Rosenau

    • Guestimates of 1964 Change in Foreign Exchange Reserves of Certain Foreign Countries

    • 1968 Analysis of Stock Prices Part 3 A Cycle of About Twenty Years

  4. How to Make a Cycles Analysis: A how-to manual on cycles analysis by Edward R. Dewey (1955). The four volume manual providing step-by-step instructions, includes:

    • How to find cycles

    • How to determine the lengths, strengths, shapes, and timing of cycles

    • How to isolate cycles

    • How to evaluate cycles

    • How to combine cycles

    • And how to project cycles into the future

  5. Miscellaneous Historical Archives, including:

    • Benner’s Prophecies of Future Ups and Downs: What Years to Make Money on Pig-Iron, Hogs, Corn, and Provisions

    • Library of Congress Bibliographies of Business Cycles

    • Historical Records Stock Prices 1789 to 1975

  6. Journal of Interdisciplinary Cycle Research: published every year from 1979-92, the journal united all reports from the field of cycles research. reports include:

    • Cycles in Economic Phenomena by E.R. Dewey, Volume 3 (1972)

    • Astronomical Cycles and the Earth’s Climate by J. Gribbin, Volume 6 (1975)

    • Swinging Sun, 79-Year Cycle, and Climatic Change, Volume 12 (1981)