JANUARY 6-7, 2022

Day 1

Hosted by Ron William, the FSC's new Development Director, FSC Board Members discuss market cycles and market timing for 2022, and answer your questions on topics like the stock market, the economy, cryptocurrencies, and more.

Day 1: Jan. 6

Jake Bernstein: interest rates, currency, long-term cycles, and more

Publisher of Jake Bernstein's Weekly Futures Trading Letter since 1972, Bernstein is regularly quoted in the financial press and on financial websites. Traders and money managers both new and experienced subscribe to his market advisory services. He has been trading futures and stocks since 1968.

Bill Sarubbi: U.S. stocks, real estate, and the economy

A regular Forbes contributor, Sarubbi operates his own money management and consulting service. He was an analyst, institutional broker, and technical strategist on Wall Street and a technology fund manager, North American strategist, and member of the currency hedging committee with the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority.

Day 2: Jan. 7

Lars von Thienen: cryptocurrencies

Founder and CEO of a knowledge management company, von Thienen develops algorithms and software for cycles recognition at WhenToTrade. He has published two books on cycles analysis and invented a stand-alone, desktop search and knowledge management app. Watch von Thienen on Market Cycles Report every Monday at noon ET.

Andrew Pancholi: geopolitical cycles

Best-selling author and creator of the Market Timing Report, Pancholi accurately predicted the 2020 crash, 2000 equity highs, 2007-08 global financial crisis, and commodity booms of 2008 and 2010. He consults with some of the largest banks and institutions in the world.