New Cycles App Upgrade Demonstration

A Special Invitation for Our FSC Community

The FSC cycles app is the most powerful cycles analysis platform you can get. For years, it has powered the research and market analysis of the FSC community.

And in two weeks, we’re launching the biggest upgrade in its history. This, finally, is the tool that investors and cycles analysts have been waiting for. We’re ready to show you how it works.

Please join us for a LIVE demonstration of the new app on Thursday, November 30 at 4PM EDT.

FSC Chairman Dr. Richard Smith will lead the ~30-minute demo with the app’s creator and engineer, Lars von Thienen. Then we’ll open it up to your questions.

The upgrade includes:

  • New AI-powered analysis to pick dominant cycles
  • Price target projection (← This is huge. Timing + price target projections will blow your mind.)
  • Easy integration with your current analysis tools
  • So much more…

Important: We’ll offer one-time-only pricing at the live demo. Secure your seat now to guarantee access.

A small group of early adopters have been testing the upgrade for a couple of months, and the feedback has blown us away:

"Exceeded my expectations." C.B.       |      "A game changer." A.G.       |       "I wouldn't trade without it." R.S.


Now is the time to take your cycles work and investing to the next level.

There’s a lot more to say, but we’ll save it for the LIVE demo.

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