Foundation for the Study of Cycles

Cycles Magazine 80th Anniversary Issue

We are thrilled to announce the release of the second issue of the revived Cycles Magazine, a special 80th Anniversary edition.

Cycles Magazine is a quarterly publication that showcases the work of Members and cycles researchers from all over the world. It is exciting to see Members submitting their cycles research. We hope you will participate by submitting your research.

Cycles Magazine is our commitment to preserve and sustain the heritage of the FSC and advance Founder Edward R. Dewey’s original vision of the FSC as a not-for-profit institution dedicated to discovering and promoting a new science of cycles.

In this issue, read:

  • Two articles by Edward R. Dewey: Stock Prices and Space and Stock Prices, Mercury and Space
  • An update of Dewey’s articles by Bill Sarubbi: Stock Prices, Mercury and Space in 2021
  • Theodore Modis: A Hard-Science Approach to Kondratieff’s Economic Cycle
  • Edward Samokhvalov: Geomagnetic Butterfly Pattern
  • Andrew Pancholi: Forecasting Long-Term Market Cycles
  • Michel Jacquemai: The Curious Cycle of Pestilence
  • Lars von Thienen: Asymmetric Business Cycles and Skew Factors

Enjoy! And let us know your thoughts.

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