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Free event: Seasonality in Markets and Science

December 14, 2022, at 4PM EST


Hear from three renowned experts and learn how seasonal cycles can inform trading into 2023. Registration is free. Sign up today!

Seasonality in Markets and Nature December 15

Jake Bernstein: High-Odds Seasonal Trading
One of the most predictable cyclical patterns is seasonality. Not only does seasonal analysis allow for complete statistical evaluation of investments or trades in stocks and futures, but it can be combined with technical timing indicators to fine tune trading entries and exits. In this webinar Jake Bernstein, a 52-year veteran trader and FSC Board Member, presents his specific approach to finding, trading, and evaluating seasonal cycles using powerful search tools and triggers.

Ray Tomes: Seasonal Cycles in Markets & Nature
FSC Board Member and Science Director Ray Tomes will present his approach to determining the significance of seasonal cycles in a year and fractions of a year (12, 6, 4, 3, etc. months). He will look at examples of annual cycles shape, including markets, commodities, weather, and diseases.

Ron William: Trading the Bear-Market Rally Using Seasonality into 2023
U.S. equity markets triggered one of the largest one-month surges in over 40 years. FSC Development Director Ron William will discuss how to trade this bear-market rally using technical, seasonality, and cycle patterns – most notably the post-Halloween effect and midterm presidential cycle, both signaling upside into Q2 2023. Thereafter, a larger structural market fall is expected, based on the roadmap model framework.

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