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Banking Panic: Near Miss or Eye of the Storm?

Join us live* for the FSC Financial Crisis Forum
May 9 at 3 PM EDT

Lightning has struck multiple times in the last few weeks – bank failures, market turmoil, and ongoing economic uncertainty.

Was this a near miss, or are we in the eye of the storm?

Get your questions answered at this interactive event – forewarned is forearmed!

Join world-renowned cycles experts for a timely panel discussion on what is coming next. Gain critical perspective on the volatile events unfolding in the banking industry and the economy.

Because of the urgency of the banking crisis and how it might impact our community, we are offering this event FREE!

LIVE*  |  6 Experts  |  May 9  |  3PM EDT

Hear from leading cycles and market experts, including:

Dr. Richard SmithHow to Prepare for Market Volatility
A financial technology pioneer, Dr. Richard Smith is the founder of Finiac, a risk-management app for retail investors. As the founder and former CEO of TradeStops, he grew that app to more than 30,000 retail investors, who entrusted his technology with a staggering $20 billion.

Jake BernsteinCycles, Seasonality, and Protective Strategies
Publisher of Jake Bernstein's Weekly Futures Trading Letter since 1972, Bernstein is regularly quoted in the financial press and on financial websites. Traders and money managers both new and experienced subscribe to his market advisory services. He has been trading futures and stocks since 1968.

Lars von ThienenFinancial Stress Index Cycles
Founder and CEO of a knowledge management company, von Thienen develops algorithms and software for cycles recognition. He has published two books on cycles analysis and invented a stand-alone, desktop search and knowledge management app. Watch him Mondays at noon ET on the FSC YouTube program Market Cycles Report.

Andrew PancholiKey Lesson from the 1933 Banking Crisis: How History Repeats with Mathematical Precision
Best-selling author and creator of the Market Timing Report, Pancholi accurately predicted the 2020 crash, 2000 equity highs, 2007-08 global financial crisis, and commodity booms of 2008 and 2010. He consults with some of the largest banks and institutions in the world.

Bill SarubbiPanic Cycle and Implications for the Future
A regular Forbes contributor, Sarubbi operates his own money management and consulting service. He was an analyst, institutional broker, and technical strategist on Wall Street and a technology fund manager, North American strategist, and member of the currency hedging committee with the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority.

Ron WilliamRoadmap Cycle and Gold's Crisis Hedge
Ron William, CFTe, is a market strategist and educator with over 20 years of experience working for leading economic research and institutional firms. At his market advisory firm (RWA), his work gained industry recognition, and his market insights are featured regularly in financial media.


LIVE*  |  6 Experts  |  May 9  |  3PM EDT

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*Sessions will be recorded and available after the event.