Foundation for the Study of Cycles

A United, nonprofit educational institution dedicated to cycles research

We are pleased to announced that Cycles Research Institute (CRI) will be merging with the FSC to create a united, not-for-profit educational institution dedicated to the study of cycles. CRI’s Director, Ray Tomes, will join the FSC Board of Directors to galvanize cycles research in the sciences.

Chairman of the Board and CEO of the FSC, Dr. Richard Smith commented, “There could not be a more important time for cycles researchers to work together. We find ourselves in a very similar place as Founder Edward R. Dewey when he first identified verifiable cycles in the market over 80 years ago. As a united community we can build on Dewey’s work to better understand where we are in cycles that transcend our lifetime.”

After the death of Dewey, dedicated cycles researchers and scientists continued their studies independently or within new organizations, like CRI. CRI and many independent scientists are rejoining the FSC, as it becomes clear that the FSC is truly committed to the original vision of its founding members.

“I was a Member of the FSC and spoke at the FSC conferences for years,” said Tomes, who is also the founder of CRI. “Now that it is being restored to the dynamic organization it once was under Dewey, I am eager to join the Board and unite our efforts to support the cycles community in its important work.”

As a new Board Member, Tomes brings decades of experience in the study of cyclical phenomena. While working in systems software development and economic modeling for prediction, he discovered the importance of cycles and joined the FSC in the 1980s. In addition to CATS cycles analysis software, Tomes developed Harmonics Theory to explain observed patterns of cycles and the entire structure of the universe.

Founded in 2004, CRI’s mission is to promote, conduct and publish the scientific research of cycles and fluctuations in natural and social phenomena in a manner dedicated to the public welfare.