Foundation for the Study of Cycles

FSC to Offer World-Class Cycles Detection Technology

The Foundation for the Study of Cycles (FSC) announced an agreement to merge with WhenToTrade (WTT), a technology company that has been creating cycles detection software for over a decade.

“I want this technology to be of use to as many people as possible," said WTT Founder Lars von Thienen. "Over the last year of the FSC's significant growth, it became clear that the best way to accomplish this was to team with the FSC, an organization I have a profound respect for and belief in."

With the merger, WTT's powerful cycles analysis technology will now be offered exclusively through the FSC.

Members will continue to use a standard version of the cycles app free with a basic FSC Membership. Members who upgrade to the Analyzer Pro level will have exclusive access to WTT's award-winning Cycles Analyzer Pro, which features tech support, specialized onboarding and ongoing training, and other enhanced features that will assist in decoding and analyzing dominant cycles in any dataset.

"We're thrilled and very grateful that Lars has entrusted the FSC with his amazing cycles detection tool," said Dr. Richard Smith, Board Chair of the FSC. "The FSC's mission is to foster and support the advancement of cycles science, and now having exclusive access to this app and the ability to provide our Members with support has taken the FSC to a whole new level."

The FSC is currently setting up the systems to launch this amazing new tool in May 2023. Sign up for the wait list to be the first to hear about the Cycles Analyzer Pro launch.