Foundation for the Study of Cycles

Register for the Science Cycles Summit

Registration is now open for the Science Cycles Summit.

As part of our celebration of the FSC's 80th Anniversary, FSC Board Member and Science Director, Ray Tomes is hosting the Science Cycles Summit live on Saturday, January 16, 2021. This all day event will feature presentations from luminaries in the field of cycles science. All times are EST:

  • Noon: Ray Tomes - The 586-Million-Year Cycle in Geology and Climate
  • 1 PM: Chuck Blatchley - Beginnings of Wave Mechanics
  • 2 PM: Ed Oberg - 61 Lunar Nodal Cycle
  • 3 PM: Leslie Carol Botha - Women: An Overlooked Biomarker in the Scientific Study of Cycles
  • 4 PM: Pavel Kalenda - Solar Cycles, Geology, and Climate
  • 5 PM: David Katzmire - The Cycles of Change: Patterns of World History
  • 6 PM: Ray Tomes - Waves of Galactic Clusters and the Hubble Constant

Click here to register today! We look forward to seeing you.