Foundation for the Study of Cycles

Science Cycles Summit 2022: May 17 & 19

Registration is now open for the Science Cycles Summit. Don't miss this incredible lineup of speakers. Register today!

The summit takes place on May 17 and May 19 at 4 PM EDT/9 PM BST.

Hosted by FSC Science Director Ray Tomes and Development Director Ron William, the presenters are luminaries in the field of cycles science, including:

  • Ray Tomes: The 207-Year Solar Cycle and Very Energetic Events that Might Disrupt Human Systems
  • David Murrin: Breaking the Code, Empires and Kondratieff Wave
  • K. David Katzmire: American Cycles: The Crisis of 2027
  • Ron William: History of Cycles and Key Influencers

FSC Science Cycles Summit: May 17 and 19 at 4 PM EDT/9 PM BST.

Register today!