Foundation for the Study of Cycles

FSC invites Members and cycles researchers to submit articles for Cycles Magazine

As part of its revival, the Foundation for the Study of Cycles is resuming publication of Cycles Magazine: The Official Journal of the Foundation for the Study of Cycles, a journal with a rich history dating back to 1950.

We invite Members and cycles researchers worldwide to submit articles for consideration for inclusion in Cycles Magazine on topics related to cycles in markets, history, economics, politics, nature, and more.

Following are procedures and requirements.


  • Approximately 2000 words (in English) in a Word document
  • Images must be JPEG or PNG (300 PPI)
  • Supporting references must be included with each submission


  • Send submissions to
  • We will review, format, edit and proof your article
  • The article can be original or a revival of previous Cycles Magazine articles
  • The FSC receives right to publish the article
  • The writer must assure the FSC that the writer has the rights to the material (no copyright infringement)

We look forward to your submissions.