In his blog post from 2018, Foundation for the Study of Cycles’ Chairman of the Board and CEO, Dr. Richard Smith, wrote, “One of the things that I am personally most excited about is that we have secured all of the physical assets of the FSC... Here is a picture of what we found in the Palm Springs storage unit when we first arrived.”

FSC Archives Pre Organizing


Smith continues, “After nearly two weeks of tireless work by Nathaniel Hansen, I am very pleased to report that these archives are in much better condition today.”

Archives Post Organizing


Thousands of documents were organized. Some have been scanned and are available in the FSC Library, which is accessible to Members. Others are precious, one-of-a-kind documents that have yet to be scanned.

One of the main priorities of the Foundation over the last two years was to secure a safe place and environment in which to store the archives. Recently Smith rolled up his sleeves again and prepared the new storage space.

Dr. Smith Preps Archives


We are all resting much easier knowing these irreplaceable materials that trace the history and work of FSC are in a safe place.

New FSC Archives